Tessa Taylor

Massage Creep11

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Tessa Taylor loves to get massages to relax her mind and soothe her aching body. She hires a masseur to help her with her pains and ease her aches. But what she gets is more than just a relaxing massage; she gets a hard cock pounding too. Tessa finds out that sex too can ease the aches and pains of her body, through the titillating sensations brought by the masseur’s hands all over her body and his cock inside his tight wet pussy. He gives her what she wants and more in this session and she is left definitely wanting more of his cock inside her.

Natasha Malkova

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Natasha Malkova may be just a young woman but she knows how to please a man with her assets. Her voluptuous body can make a man’s cock hard in an instant and her face can charm any man into fucking her. Even a massage session can turn into a steamy sex trip due to her irresistible curves. She has huge knockers with sweet candy nipples on top and a cunt so tight a hard cock could have a hard time easing inside. Her masseur manages to get her on top after relaxing her, making her submit to his every desire. She loves the feel of a man’s cock to so she happily accommodates.


Massage Creep9

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Danni is a brunette babe with a young body ready to be inducted into the sexual world. She gives in to her deepest desire to get a massage from a masseur wishing he would be mesmerized by her body then decide to fuck her in the end. Danni was right as her masseur was instantly drawn to her beauty. She realizes that he can no longer take his hands off of her and she lets her have his way with her body. He drills his cock inside her wet pussy, stretching her to her limits. She undoubtedly enjoys the sensation she is getting from both his hands and his hard cock pounding her on her young tight cunt.

Rebecca Blue

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Rebecca Blue is a go-getter and likes to get what she wants when she wants it. She needs to relax and goes for a massage thinking this could be calm her senses. But what she really wants is the feel of a hard cock drilling inside her, making her moan with every thrust in her tight holes. She is lucky for this massage session is special as her masseur creeps in to ease her then fuck her holes till she comes. She happily indulges in the skills of his hands and lets him play with her assets, from her cute breasts to her bubbly ass. Rebecca gets a pounding she deserves as she gets it from behind, making this massage session the best she has ever had.

Cameron Dee

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Cameron Dee is a fresh-faced blonde babe that could easily pass as a movie star. She gets free passes in everything just by using her charm and today is no exception. She signs up to get a calming massage and offers her whole body to the mercy of her masseur. One look at her beautiful body and any man would instantly get a hard on, wanting to shove it down her tight holes or her sexy mouth. But the massage should first commence if he would want to have more of Cameron. So he oils her up and relaxes her body, making her submit to his every desire. He moves ever so skillfully down to her twat to ready her for a pounding he waited so patiently for.

Sadie Holmes

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Sadie Holmes is a sultry seductress who loves to use her beautiful face to her advantage. Any man would be nuts about her looks and her killer sexy body. Her breasts are just the perfect size for a man’s mouth and hands and her sweet tight pussy can make a man go wild. Sadie loves massages too that is why she hired a masseur but let’s just say it’s a lame excuse to have some steamy sex on the massage table. She takes control of her man and dives her pussy into her hard pecker, riding him like a cowgirl and grinding him hard. Such a lucky masseur indeed.

Alice March

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Alice March wants to have some Me time by having all her worries erased by a soothing massage. Little did she know that this session can give more than just rest and relaxation, but also a fucking that would make her worries float away as she gets drilled deep by her masseur. He wastes no time and dives right in to satisfy her, caressing every inch of her till she moans in delight. Her moans signal him to shove his hard cock deep inside her tight hole, giving her a stretching exercise for her young pussy. She surely gets her Me time and more with this massage session.

Linda Lay

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Linda Lay is a gorgeous young woman who loves to relax as much as she wants to have some sexy time. What better way to have best of both worlds than to have a perverted massage session with a masseur with a massive cock? Linda allows him to oil her up good with his hands, making his hands slide along her silky skin just as easy as driving his hard cock deep inside her young cunt. She lets him know she feels how great this feels by grinding him inside her pussy and giving him all access to her oiled up body.

Holly Michaels

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Holly Michaels is a beautiful brunette woman with a goddess-like body. Any man would swoon over her just to get a little of her attention. She submits herself to a soothing massage and lucky for her masseur, he gets to touch and not only fantasize about her body. He starts out slow so as to make her feel at ease but his hardening cock can hardly wait to take a dip into her tight wet pussy. She knows he wants all of her and she tries not to be so easy but she wants a cock inside her as well. This massage may just turn out to be a happy ending for Holly and her lucky masseur as they fulfill each other’s fantasies.

Natalia Starr

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Natalia Starr knows what she wants and knows exactly where she can get it. She hires a masseur to help her ease the tension in her body or possibly give her extra for being such a seductress. Natalia need not do much to keep the man’s hands all over her ‘cause she is an absolute stunner. Her knockers are huge and her skin is silky soft, perfect starters for a massage session that will end happy for them both. She seduces the masseur into touching her favorite spots, hardening her nipples and fingering her twat. She enjoys every second of his every thrust, massaging her deep inside as he massages her body.